Who Is More Powerful In India: A Politician, An IAS Officer Or A Guru?

Superstitional believes are an integral part of the Indian society. The form of the beliefs may vary, but their presence can be felt almost everywhere. It can be a result from ignorance, fear or an unknown source or a false conception of causation. We humans when we think something is beyond our intellect, we start to believe in the unknown divine source, even if the unknown divine power is the light of its difference! Still think of it, where do they have the time or the intellect to think?

IAS Officer:

Consider an IAS officer, whether it is a state government or Indian government, IAS officers are positioned at a top level in every department. It's a back-breaking task to become an IAS officer. Every year UPSC issues a notification which includes advertisement for 24 central civil services in which IAS stand among the top of the list and is considered as the most prestigious course. A total of 6 lakhs applications are filled every year, out of which only 1000 are selected.

A candidate must attain an age of 21 to apply for the examination. The maximum age limit varies from caste-to-caste, for General it is 32 years, for OBC it is 35 years and for SC & ST there is no limit. It is so unfair to have reservation in the examination which is considered prestigious. And then they say, ''there are no boundaries for studies!''

To become an IAS, one should undergo 2 stages of examination, the Preliminary and the Main exam. The main exam again has a written part exams and an interview session. Out of the 6,00,000 candidates who applied for the exam, only 1000 candidates will be finalized. The pass percentage is very much low. If the number of seats decrease, then the standard of the examination will spontaneously increase.

A candidate goes through all this phase and finally becomes an IAS officer, which is one of the reputable jobs, just to be a puppet in the hands of few politicians who have utter apprehension when compared to the IAS officer.

Indian Administrative Service

A Politician:

You don't have to be an intellect to become a politician. You don't need a mastermind to become one. And most of the present generation politicians don't have one too. There are only few who wore oneself out to become what they are today and I sincerely admire them. But more than 50% of the present generation one's are products of nepotism who came from a political background family and can't properly analyze the situation the state or the country is in.

Sadly, these politicians are placed at positions where they have the power to control the IAS officers who have great deal of knowledge about the situation in which they're in when compared to the politicians. The officers have no choice but to follow the instructions from the higher authorities even though he knows it wouldn't benefit the community.

A Billionaire Yogi Behind Modi's Rise ( The New York Times)

A Guru:

India is praised all across the world for its religious cultures and the worships people offer for the Lord. Gurus from India are known across nations. They from huge cults and call themselves as the prophet as the lord, or they were sent by the lord to deliver a message to the humanity. They form trusts and collect huge amounts of money from their followers. Their net worth is way more high than many of the politicians and business tycoons.

These gurus receive most of the funds from politicians. These politicians highly praise and admire them. They show a blind faith in these gurus and donate crores and crores to their trusts. They basically follow the instructions given by the gurus. They surrender in each and every aspect of the guru-devotee relationship. They worship him even he's doing wrong saying, it is an act of god. These politicians are indirectly controlled by the gurus here who are mostly frauds!

Baba's who have been declared fraud!

Here, In India, a person like an IAS officer who can expertise in analyzing the situation the country and state is in, is controlled by half-minded politicians (mostly) who are not intellects and they are controlled by Gurus who doesn't even have a proper degree and who are mostly frauds. Indian has been a developing country since the past 50 years and I'm pretty much sure, it will remain a developing country until and unless the right person claims the charge!

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