Who Do you Think are More Vulnerable For Getting ''Reinfected'' By Corona Virus?

In a recent study conducted in Iceland stated that people who have had effected by Covid 19 can be reinfected, as the antibodies developed in their bodies could fade away in a short span of time. It is estimated that these antibodies can dwindle in about four months.

Scientists Stefansson and his colleagues from Iceland had monitored the antibody levels and their durability using highly sensitive and specific assays and made a statement that, the antibodies can diminish in 4 months.

Fortunately, things may not be so bad as we expect. As of now, there only few reinfected cases around the globe proving they may be rare. This weakening of virus's impact on our body will depend on how the body manages to fight it, via the development of T-cells in our body.

But the question is, how many individuals can raise these antibodies and how long can they last? According to experts only those who suffered a worst hit from Covid 19 can succeed in producing an immune system that's both sizable and protracted enough in building up adequate antibodies. It is true that the lucky one's who escape the worst symptoms - including most ''kids and the adults'' will be more vulnerable to get reinfected.

The study's central findings are that, the immune response was higher among older individuals who are at a great risk of developing a more complicated version of coronavirus and among those who displayed worst symptoms.

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