What Will Be The Future Of Rhea And 25 Other Celebs Now?

Remember the drug scandal in Tollywood during 2017? It involved many tollywood biggies and their names were spread all over the newspapers. A total of 62 celebs were questioned in the investigation led by Akun Sabharwal . Notices were sent to every member involved in the scandal, Press meets were conducted regularly and made sure public is aware of the situation. Ever wondered what happened to the case? Well, Nobody knows!

Director Puri Jagan, Shyam K Naidu, Actor Subbaraju, Hero Tarun, Navadeep, Chinna, Actress Charmme Kaur, Mumaith Khan, Hero Raviteja, his car driver Srinivas, young hero Tanish and hero Nandu were the top names involved in the case and are left innocent. A total of 62 film personalities were questioned and noticeably not even one of these celebs were named in the charge sheets. Everyone was given a clean chit. The only one arrested in this scandal was South Africal Ruffel Alex Victor, cocaine smuggler. It is clear that the whole drug probe was a mere eyewash.

Rhea Chakraborty

Rhea Chakraborty in the investigation led by CBI exposed 25 other Bollywood celebrities who consume drugs, the names are not yet revealed by the CBI to the public but soon they will be sent notices and will be called up for investigation. Rhea and her brother Showik along with their drug dealer Zaid Vilatra were arrested. Rhea is now in a 14 day remand.

As Rhea is the evil-doer in this case she will most probably get arrested and will be sent to jail. But do you seriously think that the 25 names Rhea has exposed will also be sent along with her? Bollywood Industry is filled with star kids whose parents are very much influential and some are even linked to mafia. Just keep watching, the 25 celebs who are exposed by Rhea will just..continue with their life like nothing ever has happened. Yes, investigation will be done but this whole drug probe will just be another mere eyewash. Let's hope the government this time won't let go of the culprits.

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