The New Biden H1B Visa Rules Can Help A Lot Of Indian Students

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr was elected as the 46th president of USA on 07/11/2020, Saturday, promising to revive political normalcy and spirit of national unity to confront raging health and also economic crises, Making Donald J. Trump a one-term president after four years of disorder in White House.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s victory amounted to a rejection of Donald Trump by many citizens exhausted along side his troublesome conduct and chaotic administration, was delivered by people of color, old and young voters. Donald Trump is merely the third elected president since the planet War II to lose a re-election, and first in additional than a quarter-century.

Donald Trump has lost many Indian voter votes mainly because of the strict rules and restrictions he had implemented in the duration of his governance. The restrictions he put on immigration were terrible. The new United States President Joe Biden is looking forward to take down all the restrictions were put in immigrations by the former president Donald Trump.

Indians In USA

Biden is looking forward to provide citizenship for almost 1.1 crore people who came as immigrants to USA. This could benefit almost 5 lakh Indians living in the USA. Whereas, Donald J Trump failed to provide green card to the immigrants who lived in USA for more than 7 years. Joe Biden is also looking forward to let 95,000 people into US as refugees and is going to increase this number upto 1.25 lakhs soon.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an US immigration policy which permits individuals who came into United States as children, who have no legal rights to stay there will be allowed to stay back and a work permit would be provided for them.

Donald Trump has destabilized this immigration policy. Joe Biden said he'll re-stabilize this immigration policy and will make sure that no children is split up from their families.


H-1B Visa:

The H-1B is a visa in the United States will allow U.S. employers to temporarily employ workers from other nationality. Trump Government failed to provide H-1B Visa to the immigrants who were working in United States since a long time. The new Biden rules will be a huge set of relief for these immigrants, especially Indians.

H-1B Visa

Joe Biden said that, H-1B Visa will be provided for every higher-ranked employees and he added, he'll increase the count of H-1B visas so that immigrants will look forward to work in the United States. Biden said, the restrictions put on various countries regarding the H-1B Visa will now be lifted off. Immigrants who are working in US will now be provided with green card (which indicates a permanent residency in USA).

He said there will no restrictions for the Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics PhD graduates etc who come into the country. He went on add that green card will be provided to more number of people residing in the United States. Donald Trump banned immigrants who come from Muslim countries, Bided said he'll make sure this policy will be taken down.

Green Card