Suresh Raina says he may comeback!!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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Suresh Raina has returned to India three weeks before the start of this year's IPL edition. The reason was kept unknown for a couple of days but was revealed later that, Suresh Raina's uncle's family was brutally attacked when they were asleep in their house. His uncle sadly has passed away right after the attack. His aunt was in a serious condition battling with death and so were Raina's cousins.

There were also speculations going around around saying Raina had a rift the CEO of Chennai Super Kings , N.Srinivasan. It was said that Dhoni was provided with a room that was accompanied by a balcony. Raina asked for a same kinda room and Srinivasan was unable to provide him. Later in an interview, Srinivasan said that, Success has got into Raina's head and mention all the amount he is going to loose.

Raina in a practice session
Suresh Raina

Srinivasan in an latest interview said that, his words about Raina were completely misunderstood by the public. He further added that CSK and the boys are like a family.

Suresh Raina who is now in India with his wife and kids said to cricbuzz in an interview that, he has been training even while he was in quarantine in India. He also added that we might see him in the camp again saying that we never know what is going to happen.

Raina playing for CSK
Suresh Raina

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