PPE Environmental Impact!

During this pandemic of COVID19 billions of people around the globe using masks and

PPE kits as it's mandatory to protect ourselves and from spreading of the virus. But do you know these masks and kits we use are non-degradable products and there is no way to dispose them completely. In the near future we will see all these products being trashed out in the oceans as it's the only way because burning them will release harmful toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Nearly 4.5 lakh PPE kits are produced on a daily basis at present and will definitely increase in the upcoming months of November and December and disposing these in a proper and eco friendly manner is necessary to prevent the spread of virus and not pollute the environment.

PPE Environmental Impact

From the first glance the government and a few organizations are demanding people to use reusable masks like the cotton one's which can be washed and reused. PPE kits on the other hand can’t be made out of only cotton as the level of protection will decrease, these are often made up of polypropylene, polyester, nylon, etc it is even made up a little bit of cotton and polyester blended material so that it can be breathable and easy for a longtime use.

Reusing these PPE kits by decontaminating them is not advised in the current situation. These one time use kits are a saviour for the doctors and frontline workers. It's gonna be tough to manage this waste as it will remain on our planet no matter how you dispose it. The oceans are already filled toxins and plastic decompose from the factories and industries.

Now disposing this protective gear into the ocean will only worsen it's condition. It gets

very difficult for the aquatic animals to live with all this waste. *Imagine you seeing PPE kits and Masks all around your livelihood, can’t right. These plastic enabled products settle on the ocean bed and stay there for ages spoiling the ocean environment. If this goes on, no aquatic life will be able to sustain the harsh environment and will definitely go extinct.

Then why don’t we start caring about the oceans while taking care of ourselves. Use products which are reusable or biodegradable. Use cotton masks and reuse them, use PPE kits and gloves wisely. We know that this is just those one in a million reasons why the oceans are contaminated and aquatic species are going extinct. So, Join the fight and do what's right.

Save Oceans

The less you pollute the more you live!