PM Modi Declared His Assets: Shocking Bank Balance!

Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has made public the details about his Assets (Movable & Non-Movable) and all Dependents voluntarily along with his cabinet colleagues. Here is a quick peek about the details he has mentioned.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Net Worth:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's wealth is nearly worth Rs 2.85 Crores as of June 30,2020. His net worth has increased by 36 Lakhs, his wealth was worth Rs 2.49 in 2019. PM Modi said the spike in his net worth is due to his fixed deposits in his bank and increase in his bank balance.

PM Modi's Investment:

Narendra Modi has made investments in Gold and Land. Modi has a total of four gold rings weighing about 45 grams, they worth Rs 1,51.875. PM Modi says he has not invested in equities. He has a plot and house in Gandhinagar which worth Rs 1.2 crore. Modi is just a part owner of this along with his other family members. A total of 4 members own this place including the Prime Minister.

PM Modi's Debt:

Modi claims that he has zero debt. He said that he had a bank balance of Rs 3.38 Lakh by the end of June,2020 and had Rs 31,450 in liquid cash. His fixed deposit in SBI's Gandhinagar increased to Rs. 1,60,28,039 as of June,2020 from Rs. 1,27,81,574 in 2019.

PM Modi's Vehicles:

PM Modi claimed he had no vehicles in his possession.

PM Modi's Life Insurance:

PM Narendra Modi saves taxes through National Saving Certificates of Rs 8,43,124 and he paid a premium of Rs 1,50,957 for his life insurance policy. In the financial year 2019-20 Modi had Rs 7,61,646 of the National Savings Certificates and paid Rs 1,90,347 for his life insurance policy.

PM Modi's Infrastructure Bond:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has purchased the infrastructure bond in the year 2012 for a value of Rs 20,000 which has not recached maturity yet.

Click below to see the pdf of Modi's Assets:

assets and liabilities

Now, Do you seriously think these are his real assets or he is he brushing the truth under the carpet? Place your views in the comment box below.