New WhatsApp Terms And Policies: It will have your bank details, Contacts, Whom you're Texting.

Have you ever wondered, WhatsApp is better when compared to other social media texting apps as there are no Ads, everything is for free and easy to operate. Then, how do you think, WhatsApp makes money? And when it comes to WhatsApp's new Terms and Policies, Many of you will surely click on 'I Agree' button without even reading them. If you do so...then you my friend will be giving WhatsApp a direct access for your personal information. So, let's have a look at the new Terms and Policies and how actually WhatsApp makes money:

New Terms and Policies:

These are the new Terms and Policies which WhatsApp has brought in. And if you fail to agree to the new terms by February 8th, 2021, then your account gets deleted:

Here are list of things, which WhatsApp can have access to when you agree to their new Terms and Policies:

1. Your WhatsApp account information:

You must provide your mobile phone number and basic information (including a profile name of your choice) to create a WhatsApp account and if you fail to provide this information, you cannot create a WhatsApp account

2. The messages you send:

WhatsApp will not be able directly read the messages you send as they are encrypted, but will be able to know to whom you are sending the messages, the groups in which you're mostly active, the status message, media forwarding, undelivered messages.

3. Your mobile contacts:

After getting your permissions, the numbers in your mobile phone and all contacts in your address book will now be with WhatsApp.

4. Transactions and Payment data:

WhatsApp further will have information about your bank balance with ythe help of WhatsApp pay service. Whenever you spend your money, the app will have each and every single bit of information.

5. Can know your kin and kith:

When companies in the future use WhatsApp pay for payment transaction, which they will surely do, will have key information about your finance. Your mobile can be used to detect you location, which will allow WhatsApp to know about your home, office, the places which you often visit, relatives and friends.

You maybe wondering what makes this so horrifying, the thing is, all this data will be shared with WhatsApp's parent company, ''Facebook'' for which WhatsApp will get paid. Facebook can then share your data with other companies and earn profits. Facebook has already built large data centres to store data of millions and millions of people.

Mark Zuckerberg

So, if you're still think wondering WhatsApp is free of cost, then you my friend are WRONG!!! So, are there any alternatives for WhatsApp?

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