New Apple Releases : 2020

Apple yesterday has released the the brand new,'' Apple Watch Series 6'','' Apple Watch SE'' and an ''iPad 8th Generation'' on September 15,2020. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook kick started the event on 10:35 pm yesterday with a tweet. He has mentioned about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. ''We know life won't always be like this and we're looking forward to better days'' Cook said at the launch. Apple this time highlighted the health benefits of using their products.

Apple Unveils the Apple Watch Series 6:

Apple announced the Apple ''Watch Series 6'' which can able able to track down the user's blood oxygen levels. The watch could take a measurement in just 15 seconds and can submit the user a report. Along with the other colours it''ll will be available in blue and red options for the first time. Apple Watch Series 6 in India will start from Rs.40,000 for the GPS variant and Rs.49,000 for the GPS+Cellular Variant. Charger for the Apple Watch 6 Series does not come with the watch, user should buy it separately.

Apple Launched the Apple Watch SE:

Apple announced a new, less expensive and a compatible version of the the Apple Watch named Apple Watch SE. This watch can be used without an Iphone. They come in both Cellular and the Wifi models. Apple highlighted a new feature called ''Family Setup'', which allows both kids and older adults to use the watch without an Iphone. Price starts from $279 and could even be more. Price starts from Rs.21,000 in India. Charger for the Apple Watch 6 Series does not come with the watch, user should buy it separately.

Apple Inaugurated 8th Generation iPad:

Apple announced the new version of it's most affordable iPad, now being called as the ''iPad 8th Generation''. Tim Cook said that Apple has sold over 500 million Pads in the past 10 years. This iPad has an A12 Bionic Chip and also optional rugged case for schools. This iPad still works with the Apple Pencil. 8th Generation iPad costs $329, this same price as before and $299 for schools.

Apple announced new iOS 14 iPhone update:

Apple did not announce any iPhones on Tuesday, but they did announce the new iOS 14 update. Tim Cook said that all the new products require the Apple's newest software to run. This update will be released on Wednesday i.e, today. An iPhone is expected to launch in the next month.

Apple set forth the new Apple One:

Rumours had been spreading about the Apple One for a long time and Apple has made it official now. It comes with a total of 3 tiers with different services in each tier.

  1. Individual: Apple TV+, Apple music, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage, at $14.95 a month.

  2. Family: The same services are provided for a family of 5, at $19.95 a month.

  3. Premier: The services mentioned above plus the Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+, at $29.95 a month.

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