Is It A Boon Or A Curse To Become An ''Engineer'' In India?

Engineer's day is celebrated in India on 15th September, in memory of the great Mokshgundam Visweswarayya. His contribution towards India's economy is unravelled and limitless. He then built the best damn in the world on Kaveri River.

Celebrating Engineer's day is not just to brood over our past greats. It's celebrated further for emphasizing the importance of role of engineers in establishing India's future.  India is a developing nation. And, for the development we need infrastructure, We need power, We need new inventions and innovations and we need modern technology in all fields. An engineer is the the one who bring all these requirements into life.

India by far has produced the best engineers in the world. Setting aside whatever the trends may be in the markets , there is always a demand in the market especially for Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Computer Science engineers. As India is an open economy with multinational companies offering their services here, the number of job opportunities are touching the sky. As Indian engineers are good in logical and mathematical skills , there demand is foreign countries in quite high. You can easily find Engineers produced from India working in many MNC's at respectable positions.

But, do you know? That, over 1.5 million engineers are produced every calendar year in India. The number is so high, each student cannot be provided with a job of their degree. Out of 1.5 million, only 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 are places in campus interviews related to the course they had studied. The remaining 1.3 million have to find jobs for themselves. Some of them are finding jobs in other employment sectors like working in call centres etc while many remain jobless with a degree in their hands.Today, MBA has almost become synonymous with engineering. Most engineers opt to go for MBA after engineering and therefore demand for engineers without an MBA has dropped sharply.

As the Indian Government is welcoming top MNC's like Amazon, Apple etc to invest in India, there is hope for engineers in our country to get employed for good packages. As the job opportunities are rising in the country, Engineers should look forward working inside the country itself and help India in it's development!

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