Government's Insult Towards Covid Warriors!

Remember the statement made by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during the 2020 Budget presentation on February 1,2020 in the Parliament outlining the significance of ''Credible Data''. She said that, Data must have strong credibility inorder to face the real-time challenges in the near future.

Sitharaman proposed this policy which was so simple, elegant and effective which aimed to boost the decision making based on the data-driven analysis. She went on to add that, this policy enable the firms to skillfully incorporate data in every step of their value chains.

No data regarding the death of Health care staff

Well, It's more than 7 months since these words were spit out and now, Narendra Modi's Government has made a statement mentioning it has no data regarding the deaths of the Covid effected Health care workers like the Doctors, Nurses, Support staff and Asha workers.

The Government made a statement that 155 Health Care staff, including a total of 64 doctors sought relief under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana scheme, which provides insurance package for the Covid health care providers. According to the central government a kin of 32 Nurses, 14 Asha workers and 45 other like the cremation staff, drivers and other support staff also applied for the insurance.

PM Garib Kalyan Yojana

The deaths of the Covid effected health care providers which caught the eye are:

  1. Eight Doctors lost their lives in Uttar Pradesh

  2. Three Asha workers died in Telangana

  3. Six Nurses passed away in Gujarat

  4. Maharashtra accounted for 45 other deaths in other categories

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that,'' Health is a State subject. It has nothing to do with the Central and such data is not stored in Central level''. He went on to add, data like this is maintained in the national level under the PM scheme.

Strikes were conducted before by the many doctors infront of the Hospitals as sufficient number of PPE kits were not provided by the government which ensures the safety of the doctors. Isn't safety of these health care providers more important than lighting lamps and beating plates?

Lamping lights and Beating plates