Government Hospital: The Place Where Hope Dies!

If I ask you at which hospital do you want to get admitted in, if you are effected by any health issue, what would your answer be? I'm sure it would be at private hospital. No matter if a person is broke or whatever the condition one may be at, they would be ready to make debt and join in a private hospital.

People don't have much trust on government hospitals! Some latest incidents that happened at the Osmania General hospital broke that trust even more. Visuals at the Osmania hospital were terrible to look at. The hospital premises were completely flooded with rain water and even sewage water entered into 6 wards and also into the ICU rooms. Imagine how much disgust the patients and the staff would have gone through.

rain and sewage water flow in Osmania hospital
Sewage water flow inside Osmania Hospital.

In the recent past, an incident happened at the Gandhi Hospital where a dead body of a person was given to a wrong family. The family had no clue as the body was covered in white cloth. This is not the first time incidents like these happen in government hospitals.

The government has decided not to send back any patient who approach the hospital seeking for treatment which is an excellent initiative. But the ground reality is that, there are no many beds provided for the patients. They have no choice but to lay down in the the corridors. Even animals like dogs are seen roaming inside the hospitals which is just sickening.

Patients sleeping on corridors in Gandhi Hospital.
Patients sleeping on corridors in Gandhi Hospital.

The government keeps on appealing to its citizens asking them to admit in government hospitals, but where do the the government officials and celebrities would join when they face any health issue? The answer would 100% be private hospitals. How can people have faith in government hospitals while the government officials and politicians have no faith on them. The only time these celebrities and politicians are brought to government hospitals is when they die suspiciously (suicides mostly) to perform postmortem.

Government hospitals should provide all the facilities which are provided by the private hospitals like Apollo, AIG, KIMS, Continental etc and only then, the people of this nation can have faith on them.

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