Educational Background of MP's In India!

Parliament of India:

The Parliament of India constitutes of The Honorable President and two bicameral houses in total, namely: Lok Sabha (Lower House or House of the People) and Rajya Sabha (Upper House or The Council of the States). The Rajya Sabha is created with a vision to recheck and alter the laws passed in the Lok Sabha.

Parliament of India

Lok Sabha:

A Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha represent the people of the India in Lok Sabha. There's a total occupancy for 550 members in Lok Sabha, which is the maximum permitted strength. Members of the parliament in Lok Sabha are elected by the people of India through direct elections. Out of the 550, 530 members represent the states and constituencies, while a maximum of 20 represent the Union Territories.

When it comes to the eligibility criteria, the person needs to satisfy certain conditions like he/she must cross an age of 25, must be citizen of India etc etc.. But hasn't there should be any rule stating that the person should at the least have a certain degree in the education? After all they represent the people of the country and have an authority over intellects in various fields. Here is the list of the Lok Sabha Candidates and their educational background.

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