Do You Drink Chai In Paper CUP? Then You My Friend Are In "Deep Trouble": Severe Digestion Problems!

How do you have your Tea or Milk in the early morning? In a ceramic cup? Then you're fine. But if you're having it in a paper cup, then you're eating more than 75,000 tiny microplastic particles. Yes, you read it right! 75,000 microplastic particles.

Chai in Paper Cup

In a research that has been made by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, it has been found that a person who consumes Tea in a paper cup will unknowingly end up ingesting 75,000 microplastic particles.

Almost in every part of India, people prefer to have Chai in paper cups rather than in glass cups at tea stalls. Well, you know the reason why. People assume that having Chai in a glass cup at chai stall is risky, as number of people already use that very cup and they'll fear they may get infected, which everyone completely agree. So, they choose paper cup as it is a one time use and is disposable too, but only few know the risks of having chai in a paper cup.

Sudha Goel, Assistant Professor at IIT Kharagpur and who led this research said that, “Our research has confirmed contamination of the hot liquid served in paper cups due to the degradation of microplastics and other hazardous components from the lining material of the cup. Paper cups are usually lined by a thin layer of hydrophobic film which is made of mostly plastic (polyethylene) and sometimes co-polymers to hold the liquid in the paper cup. Within 15 minutes this microplastic layer degrades as a reaction to hot water, ” she said.

IIT Kharagpur

To explain it in simpler terms, the top layer of the paper cup is made out of plastic. As soon as a hot drink is poured into the cup, a reaction process occurs and in 15 minutes of time, the layer starts to come off and will drop into your drink. Thus, the microplastic particles end up in your hot drink which are completely naked to human eye.

These microplastics particles will cause you digestion troubles and sometimes cancer which could be very very serious. It is necessary for human kind to find eco-friendly products but it is time to have a look into traditional roots for corrective measures, like cups made up of sand.

Chai in Cup made up of Sand

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