JEE : Insufficient 'Hand Gloves', No 'Social Distancing',students lives at stake!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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It is the day 2 of the Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) by NTA, held after being postponed twice by the the Government of India. This test has been conducted amidst the corona and put many lives of many students at grave. On the Day 1 of the entrance examination it is seen everywhere in the social media, students were complaining about insufficient hand gloves and not following social distancing protocols.

National Testing Agency(NTA) has made made several arrangements to make sure the students don't have to face any problems while attending the exam. They have subsequently increased the number of centres from 570 to 660 and according to the sources they provided over 10 lakh masks, 10 lakh pair of gloves, 1300 thermometer guns, 6600 litres of litres of sanitizer , 3300 spray bottles and also appointed 3300 cleaning staff which additionally cost them Rs.13 crore.

An official giving masks to students
Students Collecting Masks

Students from all over the nation had raised their voice not to conduct the examinations and leaders from the various other parties like the Congress affiliated NSUI's have been protesting by doing hunger strikes demanding the postponement of JEE and NEET. The numbers are still unclear about the number of students attempting the exams.

Officials scanning the QR code on the paper
QR Code Scanning

Many have shared their personal opinions on conducting the exam at this particular moment as it would spike in Covid infections. My personal view is that as there is still hope, exams should be stopped immediately and should postpone them until the vaccine arrives or conduct them through online mode. It is the lives of students against the education, where both are as important as the other.

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