Covid "Dry Vaccination Drive" In India Begins Today: All You Need To Know

The long await for Covid-19 vaccine is almost over. Indian government is all set to start Covid-19 dry vaccination run all across India today. But, What exactly does dry vaccination mean? Why is it critical? Let me run you through all your doubts.

Covid-19 Vaccine

What is Dry vaccination?

Dry vaccination is much like an Army drill. It acts like a blueprint to the process which the Government is going to use for the actual immunization drive. In dry vaccination process, the government will observe and analyze every step of immunization drive so that if any problem comes up during the process, there would be enough time for them to rectify those issues.

To explain it in simple terms, dry vaccination will act like a mock test which students write before attempting an actual examination. It will be a test for the Government to check whether every planned operation, right from entry of necessary data in Co-Win (Online platform which is used to monitor delivery of Covid vaccine) to conducting mock drills.

How does Dry run procedure work?

The Beneficiary (victim) will be sent a message notifying him about the time of vaccination with the name of vaccinator in advance. The beneficiary will be given the Covid-19 vaccine and will be administered for 30 minutes, to check for any side effects, if any.

After the procedure is complete, if the beneficiary is doing well, then a report will be prepared for the State Task Force (STF) to review and after reviewing the report will be submitted to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Why is it critical?

Dry vaccination will help the government to be prepared for the actual immunization

drive. A two day run was successfully completed in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Assam and Punjab in the last week of December, 2020.

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