Corona: When did it all begin in Telangana?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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Telangana today has touched 1,33,000 corona positive cases on September 3,2020

standing at 9 position in the list of covid cases all across Indian states, with Maharasthra at the top with 8,26,000 positive cases. The recovery rate of the patients in Telangana is satisfactory, more than 100k patients having recovered from the virus and 856 people had died. But, where did all this begin? How did the virus breakthrough the state and what are the reasons for the spike being increasing at this quick succession?

Corona virus seen under microscope
Corona Virus

When Did It Begin?

It all began when a 34 year old scholar traveled back to Telangana from the birth place of the virus i.e Wuhan. The government immediately tested him for corona and luckily he tested negative. There was a sigh of relief among the people and also the government. Two months later on March 2, 2020 a techie traveled back from Dubai to Telangana and he had showed symptoms of the virus and was admitted in Gandhi hospitals, Hyderabad. The officials tested him for the virus and he was corona positive. This was the first positive case in Telangana.

Honorable Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao also spoke about this techie in the state assembly. He tried to assuage the fears in the state by y quoting some doctors saying, a Paracetamol is enough to cure the patients. He also added that the virus cannot survive in hot temperatures like above 22 degrees celcius. He was criticized for his comments on curing the virus and later spoke about in the assemble saying, a scientist had told him about how paracetamol can cure fever caused by the virus. He concluded by saying the statement had been blown out of proportion.

Wrath of the Police!

The Telangana state government has implemented the first width of lockdown from March 23 to March 31. It is one of the first states to implement lockdown initiative in India. All the inter-state borders were also closed making sure no vehicles were allowed into the state except the goods vehicles carrying medicines. The government first implement a curfew on March 21 and people followed the rules pretty well by staying indoors and making sure no one come's out onto the roads. On the announced of sudden lockdown, it was largely welcomed by everyone. After a bit, people began to come onto the roads breaking the rules of lockdown and the police department had no choice but to make them stay at home. They first pleaded the people joining their hands telling to stay at home. As the situation is getting out of hands they began to laati charge on the people roaming on the roads.

One such incident occurred in Wanaparthy, where a man was brutally beaten by a police officer infront of his 12 year old son. This attack was captured in a video and was circulated all over the internet. This made IT Minister K.T.Rama Rao to intervene in the situation and directed the district SI to personally meet the child and apologize to him. Another such situation occurred in Khammam where a lady doctor was on her way to the hospital and was mercilessly assaulted by an ACP. Many such incidents had been recorded on posted on social media. The police said that, they had no choice but to create an atmosphere of fear at any means and laati charge of necessary as the orders were given from the higher authorities.

Police assault on citizens
Wrath of the Police!

When did the cases begin to increase?

Tablighi Jamaat:

Everything seemed to be in control with only few number of positive cases in the state and lockdown in progress. But then the state was hit hard by the Tablighi Jamaat movement in Delhi. Crowd gathered in large numbers form the movement which included people from all over the nation. News spread all over India that corona positive patients had also attended the movement. States immediately focused on fetching the members who have attended the meeting. This process took a while which gave enough time for the virus to spread. The state government was able to find most of the people who came back from Delhi and performed tests on them. It was at this moment the numbers began to rise and kept on increasing. If this movement had not happended, then maybe everything would have been still under control.

Migrants Agitation:

At the time when lockdown was announced there were more than 7 lakh migrant workers struck inside the state and were unable to reach their hometowns. As the lockdown progressed they were refused to get paid by their owners and were left alone to fetch their own food and shelter. As there was no public means of transport the only way to reach their hometowns in other stated was through walk. They traveled miles on their bare foot and were also carrying the virus along. The government got involved by providing them with temporary shelters and giving 12 kg of rice along with Rs.1500/-. Few people decided to stay back while some continued their walk. On April 29,2020 more than 2000 workers gathered at IIT Hyderabad erupted in agitation against their employee who refused to pay their daily wages and food to eat. A police officer was injured and a police vehicle was destroyed during the clash between workers and the police.

The government immediately made all the arrangements to send back the workers to their hometowns in other states through special trains. Government ran 146 trains and made sure 1.86 lakh migrants had reached their homes. The workers started to return to the state after few weeks and the corona positives cases started to increase again.


Not being translucent:

The government for a long time had kept the public from not knowing how many tests are performed on daily basis. Telangana government has failed to conduct more number of tests and they kept the data about the tests as a secret between March 25 - June 25. They failed to update the numbers regularly to the public. On June 14 the government has decided to conduct 50,000 tests in a span of 10 days. It was then the positive cases touched the peak. The government also started to use Rapid Antigen Tests which would produce the results faster. The government charged Rs.2200/- for a corona test Rs.2800/- is needed to be paid if the officials collect samples from your doorstep.

Struggles at Hospitals:

Almost every hospital in the city has run of beds and is admitting patients only if it is an emergency. Hospitals have been charging huge amounts of money from the patients just to admit there in their hospitals. A patient has to wait for hours at the gates of an hospital just to get admitted and the patient can be charged between Rs.20,000-30,000/-

per day. On an average a patient can be charged upto Rs.15,00,000/- for a treatment of 14 days.

Number of videos had gone viral on internet regarding how the hospitals are declining to admit patients and how the they are ignored after being admitted.One such incident has gone viral on internet, on the morning of June 27 around 8 am a health volunteer along with his brother who had shown signs of corona virus sat outside the Government General and Chest Hospital in Hyderabad. There were 308 beds, including 105 beds designated for covid suspect patients.But there was no person available to inform whether his brother could be admitted or not. Almost after two hours around 10 am he was admitted in the hospital in a situation where he was struggling to breathe.

Trouble with the private labs:

The government to conduct more number of tests has partnered with private organization labs and allowed them conduct tests charging Rs.2200/- per each test. The cases started to increase even more as more tests are conducted. The cumulative positivity till June 15,2020 was 18.85% which is the highest in the country.

The government had then suspected few private organization labs that they may be conducting pool samplings. Instead of testing each sample in a pool, they suspected that they are only testing one sample and if it turns out positive then they declare the entire samples positive . However, the government did not have any proof about this and the officials did not provide news about how many samples are tested in private labs.

Officials collecting samples from citizens
Sample Collection

The government is also facing criticism on the demolition of the Secretariat. This place is gigantic and spread over a large area. This place could have turned into covid treating centre as it can hold great number of beds. Where as the new secretariat could be built at any other part of the city or the demolition should have been postponed to post pandemic times.

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