Can Legalising Prostitution Stop Rape In India?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The Indian culture is highly admired all around the world as it shows a lot of respect and love for women. This very culture, worships sthree as ,''Goddess''. Almost in every religion in India, there are goddesses who are very much powerful and are respected. But the very sthree who we compare with the goddess herself, are being brutally raped and murdered. More than 90 rapes cases are registered in India everyday.

According to the stats released by the Government of India more than 1,50,000 rape cases are registered in the last 4 years. Imagine the number of cases which did not come into the light. The most tragic part is that, in every 10 cases registered, 6 of the victims are minor. Kids of age 6 to women of age 90 are being raped in India.

How can we stop women from being raped? Can legalising prostitution prevent rape in India? Is this the only solution? Well, I think yes! Countries like Australia, New Zealand, England have legalized prostitution and here are the stats released by them regarding rape cases in their countries.

1. In Australia for every 1,00,000 women- 92 are raped

2. In New Zealand for every 1,00,000 women- 32 are raped

3. In England for every 1,00,000 women- 26 are raped

Rape cases are way more less when compared to India in these countries. Let's have Australia as an example. Prostitution was decriminalized in 1992 with the passage of the Prostitution Act 1992 here. They passed some new laws when they made prostitution legal like, following certain timings and even banned it in some areas too. They made sure minors are not brought into prostitution.

But the complication when it comes to India is that , The number of patients suffering from AIDS are huge in numbers and are recovering in quick succession. If we legalize prostitution now, Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) would increase and there is a fear of child trafficking too.

The Indian Government is not solid enough to bring awareness in 135 crore people. Leave behind the government, even the schools are not ready to explain about sexual reproduction to students, they just skip the chapter. I'm sure most of the people who are reading this article came across this incident in their schooling. Even kids can't speak about the post mature stage and other sexual problems with their parents in our country. In India our great grandparents use to have around 5-6 children, Look how the hypocrisy is talking about sex in India.

Changes should be made within the government itself, the person who committed the crime should immediately get hanged instead of feeding him for years in jail, just to come out and rape another women. Children from a very young age should be taught about sexual reproduction in schools. Awareness campaigns should be conducted all across the nation. Only then, women would have the freedom they have been wishing for since ages!

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