Are Organs Stolen From the Corpse of Covid 19 Patients ?

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There are rumours fanned out across the major cities of India that organs are stolen from the corpse of covid effected patients and are illegally sold in black market for hefty cash. Are organs truly missing from the corpse of the covid effected patients?

As many families are refusing to collect the corpse of the virus effected patients, the government of the respective states came forward and are cremating the dead bodies of the patients.

But, there is a talk going on all around that few hospitals are using the government's involvement for their advantage. It is said that before the cremation process had to be done, postmortem should be completed by the officials and there should be a report stating the person is dead.

Here's where the scandal happens. Generally one can sign up for donating their organs after they are declared dead. This process is pretty much legal. But here in the case of covid patients, after they are declared dead, organs are taken out from their corpse and are sold out in black market for good rates.

There are no proofs to prove whether all these stuff is really is happening or just a rumour . But if this is true, cashing in on a dead person in a situation where thousands of people are losing their lives , then there is nothing far more worse than that.

Did you know that most prominent organs traded illicitly are the kidneys, with the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating that over 10,000 kidneys are traded on the black market worldwide annually, or more than one every hour.

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