3 Most Effective Ways To Stop Rigging During Elections!

What is Rigging:

Rigging in elections is referred as an Electoral Fraud, Election fraud, Vote rigging and also Election manipulation in the violations of the principles of democracy. It is a process where an outside source interferes with the voting process where the vote share of a Nominated candidate will either increase or faces a downfall. This surely shows a lot of effect on the outcome of the elections.

Ban Rigged Elections

To be a bit more specific, these are the most used methods for electoral fraud:

  1. Tampering Electronic Voting Machines (EVM's)

  2. Invalidation of Ballots

  3. Ballot stuffing

  4. Misusing of the proxy votes

  5. Confusing Ballot papers which are not easy to understand for most of the voters

  6. Misinformation regarding the voting process

  7. Intimidation

  8. Manipulation of demography

  9. Buying the voters

  10. Electorate manipulation

The Indian and State Government's have been following certain rules and regulation for countering the electoral fraud for such a long time now and have been proved useless every time. Here are the rules which are currently followed:

  1. Inking the voters finger

  2. Certain special stamps are used during the voting process

  3. Voter slip is hole punched

  4. High security for the ballot boxes

  5. Vote counting starts immediately in the presence of the candidate representatives and officials

  6. Results will be announced on the spot itself

Inked Fingers

Now, Do you seriously think that these rules can prevent Rigging from happening? I think, No. The Electronic Voting Machines (EVM's) were commissioned in the year 1981 by the Election Commission of India. They were first experimentally used November, 1998 in Madya Pradesh. Later, the 2004 Lok Sabha elections were conducted entirely based on the EVM's. Yet, whenever elections are conducted there comes a statement form one or the other parties stating, EVM's are hacked or not functioning properly.

Here are the 3 most effective ways which I think are the best to intercept rigging from happening during elections:

1.Using Government based apps for voting:

Government of India has been bringing in new schemes and are releasing apps regarding those schemes. One such scheme is the Jan Dhan Yojana. This program aims to expand access to financial services which includes bank accounts, insurance and pensions, credits and remittances. The Jan Dhan Darshak app requires Aadhar card number and other details of a person.

If the Voter ID and other details are linked to the app, then the voter can directly vote no matter at which place they are. This can even reduce rigging for a great extent. Or the government could create individual apps which can be used for voting purposes only.

Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana

2.One Time Vote (OTV) Generator:

The government could link up the Voter ID and other details directly to the phone number of the voter. The voter could request voting through the Link or App as mentioned above, OTV code is then generate and as soon as the phone number and other details are verified, Voter will be permitted to vote.

One Time Vote

3.Finger Print Scanning:

Remember the Freedom 251 mobile phone which the Government of India launched in February, 2016. Which is considered as the biggest technical scam in India till date. Orders came in huge numbers, bringing in hefty amounts of cash. The government never delivered these mobiles.

If the Government could now release them with an upgraded version including finger print scanner, then it can be used in the process of voting. As mentioned before, the Voter fills in all the required details and at the time of Voting, his finger print needs to be scanned. If this idea gets implemented, I think rigging can forever be exterminated. I guess no one can surely rig 1.38 billion finger prints!

Finger print scanning

NOTE: All the links and OTV generations mentioned above should be available only at the time of polling inorder to maintain confidentiality.

Place your ideas on how to stop rigging during elections in the comment box below.